Sometimes You Lose People, 2013, Yediot Books Press 

Some Times You Lose People - Hebrew cover
Hebrew cover

The book opens with a novella entitled “Sometimes You Lose People” – about the detached existence of a young woman who longs to find a lost friend and in the process raises questions about closeness and loss. The novella, inspired by Gertrud Stein's style, is written in an intense and musical syntactic rhythm, contrasts a slightly aloof-amused register with some pain-filled contents. The rest of the book consists of short, sometimes very short stories, creating a thematic patchwork quilt which moves between homelessness and homeliness. Despite the fact that each story stands on its own, many stories are interwoven – as a sequel, as a parallel story, or as a story that completes a certain move started by a previous one.

Chapters from the book

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  1. פינגבאק: Shadow Boy | Adi Sorek
  2. פינגבאק: Snails | Adi Sorek

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