[picture by: Shaxaf Haber]
[picture by: Shaxaf Haber]

Adi Sorek (born 1970) is an Israeli writer.
She is the writer of the books Nathan (2018, Ketter press), Sometimes You Lose People (2013, won the Goldberg Prize), Internal Tourism (2006), Seven Matrons (2001, finalist of the Mozes prize), published in Yediot Books Press. She is also the author of a short novella named “Spaces” (2004, Resling press).

Adi Sorek is also the editor of the translated prose book series “Vashti” for Resling Press, and a predoctoral researcher in Tel-Aviv University’s Literature Department. She teaches creative writing, mother of two, living in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

The Nature of her literary work is subtle, in some sense musical, study; a possibility of lingering in intermediate zones and looking at the tiny details that comprise the reality of being and the fabric of the personal, familial and public.

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